Important Agriculture Bits (Questions) for different Competitive Exams Part-1

Which animal is resistant to tuberculosis


Marek’s disease is found in


Which breed of poultry is originated from Dhar district of M.P


Desi cow milk is known as

A2 milk (healthier choice)

Milk of exotic cow is known as

A1 milk

The fat content of butter is generally about


The frozen semen can be stored in the

Liquid Nitrogen-196 °C

Good quality semen is produced at the age of

22-24 months

The ideal system in India at present is having ________ batchs of broiler at any time.

5 to 6

The main breed of backyard Poultry are

Kalinga Brown, Mumbai Desi, Rhode Island Red, and CARI Nirbheek

Ruminating mammals include

cattle, goats, sheep, giraffes, yaks, water buffalo, deer and camels


Humans & primates, swine, equines, reptiles, avian

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