IBPS AFO 2023 Mains Question Paper


IBPS AFO 2023 Mains Question Paper

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It consists of a series of hinged or fixed hammers attached to a shaft which rotates at high speed; peripheral speeds up to 100 m/s are possible. Such devices are used primarily for hard and brittle materials such as pepper, sugar, dried milk, dried vegetables and spices. Device is …………………

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The Germination percentage in onion in case of certified seeds is 

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The sum of lignin and polysaccharides that are not digested by endogenous secretion of digestive tract ………………….

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The process of parturition in Rabbit is called as ___

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Type of silviculture system which can regenerate through seeds and majority have a long life is ___

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During rainy and winter season how sowing of maize is done?

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Sand percentage in sandy soil is ___

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Revolving Fund: DAY-NRLM, MoRD, would provide Revolving Fund (RF) support to SHGs in existence for a minimum period of 3/6 months and follow the norms of good SHGs, i.e. they follow ‘Panchasutra’ – regular meetings, regular savings, regular internal lending, regular recoveries and maintenance of proper books of accounts. Only such SHGs that have not received any RF earlier would be provided with RF, as corpus, with a minimum of _______ and up to a maximum of _____ per SHG. The purpose of RF is to strengthen their institutional and financial management capacity and build a good credit history within the group.

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What is the process by which the cow regurgitates previously consumed feed and chews it further ?

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The statutory body which is not under Ministry of Commerce and Industries?

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Among the following which is the component of Knowledge communication system?

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Among the following is an example of an amide fertilizer?

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Ufra disease in rice is caused by ___

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The curd is precipitated using rennet or any other enzyme and then filtered. What is formed from this?

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In a combine harvester, the ratio of reel peripheral speed to the forward speed should normally be in the range of 

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What is the ceiling of the financing limit under the ACABC Scheme for the group project established by the group of at least 5 Members trained under the scheme?

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The finfish which contributes maximum to the global aquaculture is

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Empty barrels, plastic containers or styrofoam bodies in cage culture can be used for the purpose?

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Crossing of the two different pair of alleles, having different traits is

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The operation of pulsing is done for ____

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Consider the following statements and choose the incorrect statement regarding sexual reproduction

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A person performs vegetable cultivation, fishery, woody crops but that is for self consumption. It is called as

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The length of estrous cycle of sheep is _____

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During drying, some parts of the wood may dry rapidly while some may not. Because of this, improper drying shrinkage of wood occurs, that results in the defect called ____

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Which hormone is involved in conversion of glycogen to glucose?

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The part of engine where ignition and mixing of fuel and air takes place and gases get sufficient place to mix air by which engine can produce power is ……………………….

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A destructive polyhedrosis disease of silkworm that is related to wilt and is marked by spotty yellowing of the skin and internal liquefaction also called jaundice ___

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What is the critical time period for the day light in long day plants?

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Which scheme is providing guaranteed 100 Days employment unskilled and manual?

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The scientific name of grass carp is…………………………..

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Red delicious is the variety of which fruit?

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……………………….. are a group of trees and shrubs that live in the coastal intertidal zone.

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Baby corn is harvested at which stage?

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What is the botanical name of Sal tree? 

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The Rational equation is the simplest method to determine peak discharge from drainage basin runoff  Q=CIA, C Stands for

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Which post harvest process is done in Paddy before dehusking,  involves partial boiling of the paddy before milling in order to increase its nutritial value, to change the texture of cooked rice, and reduce the breakage in milling.

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GnRH released from which organ

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Which Institute of UN collects and maintains the data related to the food production consumption and hunger related information of various countries?

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The term used to define the variation derived from any form of the cell or tissue culture is known as __________

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The disease is most severe during cool weather when heavy dews are present. The infection of virus due to which plant leaves converted to pale yellow. Name the disease?

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Specialized system which is produced from the leaf axil at the crown of the plant and prostate horizontally is known as

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Little Leaf of Brinjal is transmitted by?

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What is the limit of credit for FPOs under Priority sector lending for the agriculture production purpose

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The process of shrinkage of uterus of cow after birth & expansion & Relaxation of Mammary glands is called as____

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Quincunx system accommodates how much more plants than  square system of planting?

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The excretory organ of silkworm which is located at the junction of the midgut and hindgut

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Which Himalayan breed of goat is found in Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh with long horns, curled backwards, droopy ears, small teats and color is white but mostly brown or black and produces fine wool?

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Power generated in engine cylinder and received by piston without frictional losses ……………………

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The process of taking out threads from the cocoons, to obtain silk fibres is called…………….

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……………………….is non-living organic matter within soil, derived from the microbial decomposition of plants and animals 

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The Fungus which causes soft rot and leakage of juices from fruits such as tomato, sweet potato etc. is

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It is a pest when it is a larva, feeding on crops as it grows in size till it pupates and remains dormant from August till end of May.

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The process of removing the green colouring (known as chlorophyll) from the skin of citrus fruit. This is achieved by introducing measured amounts of ethylene gas into a temperature and humidity controlled environment. This is known as

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Which secondary tillage operation is used for breaking of clods and pulverizing soil ?

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The process of removal of stamens or anthers or killing the pollen of a flower without harming female reproductive organ is known as

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Acidic soil does not contain which of the following property?

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The old man cactus, is a species of cactus native to Hidalgo and Veracruz in central Mexico. Scientific name of old man Cactus is?

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