Agricultural Terms PYQ’s

WordsDerived from languages
In-vivo and In-vitroLatin word- ‘In-vivo’ meaning ‘within the living’ and ‘In-vitro’ meaning ‘within the glass’
AgricultureLatin word- ager’ meaning ‘soil’ and ‘cultura’ meaning ‘cultivation’.
AgronomyGreek word- agros’ meaning ‘field’ and “nomos’ means ‘manage
ArthropodaGreek word- ‘arthros’ meaning ‘segmented’ and ‘podus’ meaning ‘leg’
BiodynamicsGreek word- bios’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘dynamics’ meaning ‘energy’
CellLatin word- ‘cella’ meaning ‘a small plobs group acting as a unit within a larger organization’.
CreditLatin word- ‘credo’ meaning ‘I trust you”.
EcologyGreek word- ‘Oikos’ meaning ‘house/dwelling place’ and logos meaning ‘study
EntomologyGreek word- entomon’ meaning ‘insect means ‘cut into(section)’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘discourse
EnzymeGreek word- ‘en’ meaning ‘in’ and ‘zyme’ meaning ‘ferment/living’.
EvolutionLatin word-‘evolutio’ meaning ‘unrolling or rolling out’
ExtensionLatin word ‘ex’ meaning ‘out’ and ‘tensio’ meaning ‘stretching”
FloricultureLatin word- floris’ meaning flower, concerned with cultivation of flowering & ornamental plants.
FungicideLatin word- fungus’ meaning ‘fungus’ and ‘caedo’ meaning ‘to kill’
HorticultureLatin word- hortus’ meaning ‘garden’ and ‘cultura’ meaning ‘culture or growing
MarketLatin word- ‘marcatus’ meaning ‘place of trade, traffic or merchandise’.
MeteorologyGreek word- Meteoros’ meaning ‘above the earth’s surface’ (atmosphere) and ‘logy’ meaning ‘indicating science
MonsoonArabic word-mausim’ meaning ‘season’.
NematodeGreek word- nema’ meaning ‘thread’ and ‘toid’ meaning ‘form’
Olericulture Latin word- ‘oleris’ meaning ‘pot herb’ and english word ‘culture’ meaning ‘cultivation’
Pedology Greek word ‘pedon’ meaning ‘soil or earth’.
Phyto-pathologyGreek word- phyton’ meaning plant’, ‘pathos’ meaning ailments’ and ‘logus’ meaning ‘knowledge
PlastidGreek word-plastikas’ meaning ‘formed or moulded
PomologyLatin-Greek word- Combination of Latin word ‘pomum’ meaning ‘fruit’ and greek word ‘logos’ meaning ‘discourse
SocietyLatin word- ‘societas’ which was derived from noun ‘socius’ meaning ‘comrade, friendally
SoilLatin word- ‘solum’ meaning ‘ground’or floor of earth crust.
Truck GardeningFrench word truck- ‘torquer’ meaning ‘to barter or exchange of goods’
VulgarizationFrench word- ‘vulgarize meaning ‘popularize

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