20th LIVESTOCK CENSUS of Animals

From the year 1919-20, animal census is done after every 5 years in the country.

It includes the total count of all the domesticated animals.

After independence, the first animal census was done in 1951. While the first animal census was done in 1919

India has the first place in milk production and number of buffaloes.

Uttar Pradesh has maximum livestock in India and at second place it is Rajasthan.

Cow – India has the second place in the world.

Madhya Pradesh has the largest number of indigenous cows in India while highest overall cow (Cattle) is in West Bengal.

According to the 20th Livestock Census Report, there has been an increase of 4.6 % in the total livestock in the country.

Livestock in 2019-53 crore 57 lakh (535.78 million)

AnimalTotal {million}First in the country
Total livestock535.78Uttar Pradesh
Total Cattle192.49West Bengal
Total Buffalo109.85Uttar Pradesh
Camel2.5 lakhsRajasthan
Donkey1.2 lakhsRajasthan
Poultry851.81Tamil Nadu

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